Why We Ask the Budget Question

For many of us, we were raised to not talk about money in public, with others, with anyone for that matter! We view money topics as secretive and very, very private. But when you are hiring someone for a significant home improvement project, is that really necessary? Or efficient?

When our designers are having initial conversations with homeowners excited to plan their new master bath remodel or maybe their kitchen remodel, eventually the question has to be asked... "Do you have a budget in mind for your kitchen remodel?" The question is asked in looking out for your best interest! After all, the relationship needed to work through the design of a kitchen, selection of cabinets, flooring, tile, fixtures, paint, etc. will be a whole lot more enjoyable if everyone is comfortable and transparent in their thoughts, needs, goals... even when it comes to the budget. What we find is that most people are just looking for the right solution, a good match, for their needs and getting to that answer in an efficient manor will require discussing budget.

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