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2021 Events

Here at DreamMaker, we believe in being informed, in asking clarifying questions, and in thorough communication in all we do. It only makes sense that we would believe in then sharing what we know, that we would enjoy working with informed consumers, and that we would welcome questions that may help you, the homeowner, feel comfortable approaching your remodeling project whether you are hiring a professional or doing on your own.

We hope the FREE Remodeling Seminars are of benefit to you as you work through your planning and decision making process.

Bathroom Remodeling Seminar (11/6/2021)
9:00 am-11:00 am

Bathroom Remodeling Seminar (11/6/2021)

Whether updating a shower only or remodeling the entire bathroom - plan, plan, plan! Join us in the DreamMaker Design Center for this FREE seminar to learn more about realistic budgets and timelines, choosing materials that make sense for your family, recommended space requirements, lighting, ventilation and more. Being an educated consumer is part of the planning and DreamMaker is here to share our remodeling expertise with you.

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