How to Determine Kitchen Remodeling Costs

When researching kitchen design and kitchen remodeling, there are so, so, many questions. And not unlike other large ticket item purchases and significant investments in your home, the common theme is 1. how much will it cost, and 2. what is my return on investment.

All consumers approach remodeling through their own lens and therefore, it is important to know that there is not a single “right” answer to how much a kitchen remodel should cost or how much of the cost you are likely to recoup at the time of sale. For example, “remodel” to one person might mean painting walls, getting a new countertop and new window treatments, whereas to another, it is not a real remodel project if there aren’t walls coming down and saw dust flying. All this to say, it could cost $25,000 or it could cost upwards of $90,000.

In this video, we take a look at the 2023 Cost vs. Value Report that is published by Zonda Media ( We discuss true kitchen remodeling cost in 2023, in Springfield, IL, using a design-build remodeler like DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. Our examples follow closely with the different categories in the report and are simple descriptions/scenarios ranging from a kitchen update/refresh to a major kitchen remodel with upscale finishes. We are hoping to provide the quick answer to everyone’s question, “How to determine kitchen remodel costs”.

What is the most helpful information from the Cost Vs. Value Report?

For the typical homeowner wanting to understand expected costs for different home improvement projects, the report offers this information on a national, regional and local level. It could help you identify local bids that are reasonable and bids that are way too good to be true. Regarding return on investment (ROI), we think this information is best as a very general guide. It is more helpful in identifying the biggest bang for your buck when comparing one specific area of improvement for your home as compared to another. It may indicate trends, but it is important to note that so many other factors collectively play into the return on investment when selling your home, that identifying how one particular design/remodel decision affected the overall resulting gain at time of sale is a tough extrapolation.

We happen to believe that you can’t put a dollar amount on your level of enjoyment experienced in your new kitchen! We say remodel for you and your family. Make changes to make your home work best for you and then enjoy!

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