Do You Give Free Estimates

Traditionally, in the home improvement industry, clients believe their first step is to call a company or remodeling contractor and ask, “Do you give free estimates?” As consumers, we are engrained to ask for bids, estimates, and quotes. Often however, a generic estimate for a generally defined service, will lead to confusion and disappointment. So the quick answer is yes, we give free estimates, but keep reading for a full understanding.

To be honest, a quality estimate that will really mean something, is going to take a little more discussion and discovery. For DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, that means understanding what a “new bathroom” or a “new kitchen” means to you, what is the condition of your existing space, age of your home, how your family uses the space, etc.

The beauty in home remodeling is that each project is unique to that individual family, so in that respect, taking the time to get to know each other during the discovery process will lead to a freshly designed kitchen or bath that reflects you so much better. Be sure to watch the video above and then reach out to one of our Designers to start that discussion and discovery!