Why Does Remodeling Cost So Much?

We have seen the look… the look of sticker shock. When doing your research for your home remodeling project, you may have one of these moments and you may find yourself saying, “Why does remodeling cost so much?”

First, if you are comparing a turn-key design/remodel experience to a DIY experience, then you really aren’t even comparing oranges with oranges. Realistic remodeling budgets for do-it-yourself projects are basically product prices. Turn-key remodeling is a service.

So what are the other “costs” that go into a turn-key remodeling experience? It’s a lot more than materials. And yes, it does cost real dollars to deliver the full remodeling experience.



1. Project management 

Includes design, material selection, material procurement, scheduling of any licensed trades people needed on the job, etc.

2. Coordination of daily production schedule and labor to accomplish each task.

It is an orchestrated event, meaning you can’t have the drywaller in before the plumber or the electrician.

3. Warranty

Anyone can follow up on product warranty, but do you want to spend your time doing that? And if repair/replacement is necessary, to you want to try to figure out who should absorb that cost? A reputable turn-key remodeling company will be your single point of contact before, during, and after they are physically in your home.

4. Support 

You can search the internet and learn a lot on your own, and that is an amazing thing. If you value the expertise of a team of individuals who have repeated this process of kitchen and bath remodeling for 20+ years, then take a break on needing to learn it all on your own.

5. Showroom 

It is super helpful when you want to touch and feel different products during the design phase, but it is also valuable five years later when you have a question and you KNOW where your helpful folks are rather than hoping that the individual in the truck answers his phone and remembers who you are.

6. Consistent presence in Springfield, IL 

Experience, reputation and longevity in the industry.

7. Good Experience 

It does cost money to provide a great experience to clients. It takes a process, training, ongoing improvements in all areas, and most importantly, a team of individuals who truly care about clients. We all enjoy our work and we enjoy being compensated for that.

In conclusion, we think research is always good and being an informed is great. Be careful to compare things appropriately and put value on the unseen parts of your remodeling experience.

We hope you will watch more videos here in our Learning Center and then give us a call to talk about your next home remodeling project.