How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

You are excited to remodel your kitchen, you are doing your research, and you have watched as many kitchen renovation programs on cable tv as you can possibly stand … and you are still wondering How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take? (hint: do not look to those cable tv programs for a clear and honest answer to this!)

In our experience, there are 3 aspects to the kitchen remodel timeline:

  1. Designing the kitchen and selecting desired materials, i.e., cabinet style, backsplash, flooring, appliances, sink, faucet, lighting, etc.
  2. Procuring those materials. Sounds easy, but depending on the dynamics of the home building industry at any given time (specifically effects from Covid pandemic), there could be significant delays or changes to original plan that may need to be made. We suggest getting ALL your materials on hand before beginning your project.
  3. Actual physical remodel of your kitchen. If you have hired a reputable company, who plans to start your kitchen remodel and then work on it daily through to completion, this may take 4 weeks to complete your remodel. (Don’t miss the “if’s” above — not all contractors work at the same pace, take scheduling seriously, and have a reputation for speaking honestly about starting dates and completion dates)

So what do DreamMaker stats look like for the above 3 phases of a kitchen remodel?

  • Design & Material Selection, 4-6 weeks
  • Material Acquisition, 4-8 weeks
  • Physical Remodel of Average size kitchen, 4 weeks

*Fun fact… in 2020, we completed just shy of 90% of our projects within the stated completion date set at time of contract!

If you are planning your kitchen remodel, live in Central Illinois, and love the idea of working with a company focused on efficiency and honesty …. give the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Team a call!