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How Do You Protect My Home During the Remodel?

When you think of remodeling, do you think of remodeling your entire home all at the same time? Most people don't. They define a room or rooms to be renovated at one single time, but don't remodel their entire home. This is where the question comes into play, "How do you protect (the rest of) my home during the remodel?"

Naturally, the areas not included in the scope of work you would like to make sure are not damaged, and in some cases, they are spaces where you and your family will continue to live in while the remodeling is in progress.

If you are doing it yourself, make sure you and your significant other are in agreement about protective measures. And if you are hiring a professional, be sure to ask the question. You just might find that there is a huge difference in quality of prep and protection (and that might be an indication of quality of work).

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