Can I Remove That Wall?

One of the most desired changes that homeowners would like to make to their home during a remodel is, you guessed it, to remove a wall. That's right, take that wall down, open up the floor plan and create a family friendly and entertaining-friendly home (don't miss one of DreamMaker's Project Tours of a modest home where we opened up the kitchen to dining space and gave the home a more youthful look). It all sounds simple, right? In this video are two questions that we typically address when discussing the possibility of removing a wall as part of a home remodeling project.

If you are asking the question, "Can I Remove That Wall?", there is a good chance that you have been watching home renovation tv and have been led to believe that the answer is always yes. And perhaps with an unlimited budget, we would answer the same way.

For most folks, there is a budget to consider and weighing the benefits of removing a wall and the costs involved will be part of the planning process. While we hope this video is helpful, always consult a professional before making structural changes to your home.

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