8 Tips for Staying on Budget With Your Kitchen Remodel

Like most things in life, a good attitude and a great plan will likely yield positive results. There you have it, tip #1 and tip #8.

Kitchen remodeling...we do it every day! Most people, however, do not even remotely think about the process of designing, planning, shopping for, and executing a kitchen remodel on a regular basis. In fact, when beginning the process, it can be overwhelming. And for many homeowners, the fear of going over budget on their kitchen remodel is the single factor that often holds them back from ever starting the process. If you are now beginning your research regarding your kitchen renovation, then we truly hope our 8 quick tips for staying budget with your kitchen remodel will help you to be encouraged and to feel empowered.

So other than a good attitude and a great plan, there are some simple, practical ways can you stay on budget with your new kitchen remodel.

  1. Adopt a good attitude/open mind - In other words, try to be flexible and listen to your designer and then stay open to ideas and solutions that you may not have thought of already. Here at DreamMaker, our Designers don't approach each kitchen project believing that a full gut of the existing space is required. Our designer's goal is to listen to your wants (aesthetical and functional), your true needs, desired budget range, and existing situation to determine best solutions based on how you prioritize the fore-mentioned items. If kitchens were a one-size-fits-all, then you would likely order it online and have it delivered next week!
  2. List your non-negotiables. This is part of making sure that while remaining flexible, you can refer back to the most important reasons that you are investing in making your kitchen work for you. It is so easy to get caught up in what everyone else has, what you think you are supposed to want and what looks good in a magazine or on HGTV but might be a miserable kitchen to work out of on a daily basis. Staying on budget means not getting caught up in unnecessary fluff.
  3. Examine the existing footprint of your kitchen. It is always less expensive to keep as many functional pieces in the same general location, namely plumbing, electrical, perhaps cabinetry if you are hoping to keep the existing floors.
  4. Choosing countertops. There is a huge difference in costs from one countertop material to another. Even within quartz and granite countertops, there are more modestly priced options as well as more unique, exotic and pricey options. Don't rule out the value of butcher block countertops as well as laminate countertops. Sometimes, using a combination of countertop materials can look nice and balance out the budget in this area. For example, granite on the perimeter of the kitchen cabinets and a pretty walnut butcher block on the island.
  5. Choosing kitchen sinks. Hands down, stainless steel sinks are probably going to be the most affordable sink option. You would be surprised at just how many different shapes, sizes and variations available. If your heart is set on a porcelain or composite sink, then by all means, be proud of this declared non-negotiable and stand your ground.
  6. Choosing flooring. LVT (luxury vinyl tile) and LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring are worth a consideration (Learn some of benefits of these materials in this video). They are high quality materials that hold up well and have attractive finishes. This is a true savings opportunity! Look at samples, ideally in a showroom where they are installed verses just a 12 x 12 square, walk on them and then decide if this would work for your family.
  7. Backsplash tile. Subway tile all the way, right? It truly is timeless, affordable, and all the rage on HGTV. If you really like the look of natural stone but don't love the price tag attached, consider a porcelain tile.
  8. Have a good, detailed plan! We just can't stress this enough. You will absolutely save money if you plan in great detail, measure in great detail, document in great detail, and communicate with any contractors, trades people and suppliers in great detail.

Here at DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen, our good plan is complimented with a detailed contract. We suggest watching this video on What is a Fixed Price Contract? to understand the benefit to this approach verses a loose, time plus material approach to remodeling.

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