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Visualize Your Newly Remodeled Space

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So what do painter's tape and sidewalk chalk have to do with kitchen and bathroom design? They provide easy and effective ways to help our human eyes imagine size and scale of items that are not physically present at the current time. This is especially useful in the beginning stages or sometimes in small projects where 3D renderings might not be worth the added time to implement. We have two real instances of how these easy tricks clarified and brought the designer and the homeowner's visions together into one cohesive strategy.

Sketch of Bathroom AdditionAt the DreamMaker Open House Event 2016, one of the attendees started discussing her bathroom remodeling needs with a designer. In a nutshell, she lives alone, and her primary means of moving about her home is in a motorized chair. Her 1970's home had a typical, 5' x 8' bathroom with a tub/shower combination (located off of a hallway). Her desire was to have an accessible bathroom, a roll in shower and roll under sink, grab bars for safety and to have all of this as a master bathroom off of her master bedroom. The plans began for the home addition. Early in the process, her curiosity as to how big would this designed space be and would it allow for the motorized chair to move freely as she had hoped, this led Kevin to draw it out for her on the existing patio. She could then roll through the layout with confidence that this was indeed going to meet her needs. Simple in nature, but a very valuable afternoon for our client. This is a picture of that sketch, actual floor dimensions, showing toilet and shower area on one wall and linen closet and vanity on the opposite wall. If you would like to see more on this special project follow links to posts which include videos of this project from the footings to the finished project.

Adding on an Accessible Bathroom (Intro-Part 1)

Progress on Featured Project (Part 2)

Taking Shape - An Accessible Bathroom Addition - Part 3

The Finish Line - Accessible Bathroom Addition Complete (Part 4 & Final)

Visualizing Shower ComponentsMore recently, when Curt was meeting with some past clients about a second bathroom to be remodeled, the discussion of where the shower head and handheld would be mounted, the diverter, grab bars, niche for shampoo, etc. led the three of them in what seemed to be different directions, definitely not understanding one another. She indicated that she sits in a shower chair when showering so Curt suggested they move a chair in the conference room into a corner to use the two walls as reference for measuring where all of the above items could be located to make sure they are within reach from a seated position. He went to get some blue painters tape as her husband helper her get into the chair. When Curt came back, he found that she was sitting facing the wall where they had indicated the showerhead would be. He had assumed all along that she would sit with her back to the wall and hence the confusion. With the use of the painters tape, all the detailed decisions could be made before our carpenters even step foot in their home. Ahhh, the beauty of asking clarifying questions and listening closely.

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