Maximizing Kitchen Storage

In most families, the kitchen seems to attract all the miscellaneous items from everyone in the home. Cell phone chargers, recent Amazon deliveries, last week’s mail, empty boxes, etc. seem to all make their way to the kitchen. It isn’t surprising that when remodeling a kitchen, homeowners want to make sure there’s ample storage space. A good kitchen designer can creatively design space for all your miscellaneous items without making the new kitchen look like a storage unit. Here are a few of the most popular kitchen storage ideas we’re seeing at DreamMaker:

Built-in Custom Kitchen Pantry

While walk-in kitchen pantries are highly desired, sometimes they aren’t feasible from a design and layout perspective. Custom kitchen cabinet options have come a long way. Today, wall cabinets can be customized with fixed or rolling shelved, drawers, and racks to provide you with the pantry of your dreams.

Organization can be customized so there are separate compartments for canned foods, cooking spices, baking utensils, pot, pans, etc. They make it easy for you to identify which items need restocking and which need to be replenished.


Hiding Trash Cans

Exposed trash cans can be an eyesore. Cabinet manufacturers (such as Showplace Cabinets) have created glide-out wastebaskets in a variety of sizes and configurations. Many even offer convenient recycling separation options. Best of all, they are there when you need them, and gone when you don’t; making sure your kitchen always looks great.

Appliance Garages

The coffee maker, Keurig, blender, and toaster may not always need to stay visible on your kitchen countertops. An appliance garage is a hidden compartment that allows you to place small kitchen items when not in use and easily access them when needed. Once you’ve used them, you can simply close the door and they are hidden from view.

Rolling Cart 

Rolling carts have become good kitchen storage options for smaller spaces. They can serve a double purpose by acting as a small kitchen island (adding valuable storage space) as well as adding more counter space.


Utensil Drawer

The possibilities of customizing kitchen cabinetry are almost endless. A clever utensil built-into a drawer can hold all your silverware and serving utensils.

Corner Pullout Drawers

Corner pullout drawers that run diagonally into the kitchen corner, making them deeper than most, will give you that extra storage boost.

If you are in the planning phase of a kitchen remodel or just looking to step up your kitchen’s organizational potential, any of these clever kitchen storage ideas will help make your life in the kitchen a bit easier. We also offer remodeling seminars where you can learn the latest kitchen trends and better understand all the details of remodeling a kitchen; from design and layout options to product selection, through kitchen construction. Seating is limited.

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