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Is Your Home Holiday-Ready?


You heard me right, I asked if your home is holiday-ready? Yes, I know Thanksgiving is 4 months away but now, like today, is the right time to start planning for your home remodeling projects if you hope to have them done for the holiday season.

Let's look a little more closely at what the typical remodeling project timeline looks like when contracting with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. It all starts with the design, well actually it starts with a sit-down heart to heart discussion about needs, wants, wishes, hopes, loves, hates and ... budget. Much conversation is necessary initially and at every phase of the design/build to ensure we succeed at accomplishing the same finished project. As you might expect, time estimates for each project will vary depending on the extensiveness of the scope of work.

So back to the Design Phase, how long can you expect this to take? Typically, it will take 4-6 weeks to tweak and re-tweak the design to land on the perfect new space for your family. During the design, all of the material selections are made and orders can be placed, which leads us into the next phase of remodeling.

Staging of Materials. So technically you could skip this phase and some contractors probably do, but then you end up with the house torn up (think bathroom or kitchen) and you wait in the mess for four or five weeks for materials to be delivered. We choose to let our clients live as they normally do in their home while the materials are delivered to our warehouse. (You're welcome.) It still takes 4-5 weeks for the materials to deliver, but your life is undisturbed during that time.

Next phase is the Construction Phase. Now is the time to do demo. First day on the job the carpenter starts the demo and almost every working day after that, the carpenter or licensed trade partner (for plumbing and electrical) will be at your home actively progressing the project forward. Materials are all available when needed which prevents unnecessary delays. All in all (and this does vary) production of your new kitchen lets say, will take 4-6 weeks. Bathrooms take less time typically, unless it is a more involved master bathroom.

So it isn't hard to do the math and see that July/August is the right time to start the planning for your kitchen, bath, or other home remodeling project. Let me leave you with another key take-away - it is during Design Phase that we can evaluate the scope of work and get you plugged in to the production schedule which is a necessary piece to time well.

Whether it is a whole new bathroom or kitchen that you are looking to have done, or updates to these or other spaces in your home, stop by the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Design Center to start the conversation with one of our Designers.

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