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Celebrating a Great Team - National Awards Earned

We are excited to share the details of all of the hardware that we brought back from the DreamMaker Annual Conference held in Austin, Texas in June. In total, 12 new shiny awards were earned by individual and team efforts. Ready for the run down? Well here it is...

Chad Crain Lead Carpenter national lead carpenter of the year finalist

  1. Chad Crain was named one of three Finalist in the National Lead Carpenter of the Year category. Chad has been a part of the DreamMaker Team since 2013. He is the quietest guy on staff and one of the most skilled carpenters we have seen. He is extremely organized in planning his projects and in the physical management of his jobsites. He sets up and functions "like a surgeon". We are thrilled he is part of the team!

Eric Aldrich Production Manager of the Year Award

2. Eric Aldrich was named as a Finalist and also the overall winner of the National Production Manager of the Year Award. Eric has been with DreamMaker since 2013 also. He comes from a long line of carpenters and brings his love and respect of the trade into his managing of production staff as well as his interactions with clients. He does a great job of implementing the plan that the designers and clients have worked hard to develop; and this is one of the key differentiating pieces of our turn-key approach to remodeling - one cohesive team start to finish.

Robyn Stephens Team Specialist of the Year Award

3. Robyn Stephens was awarded as a Finalist and as the overall winner of the National Team Specialist of the Year Award. She has worked here at DreamMaker since 2010 as the Office Manager, performing bookkeeping, purchasing, scheduling, and whatever else happens to fall in the other duties as assigned bucket any particular day. With a good supply of binders, binder clips, and sense of humor she keeps us well organized and running smoothly.

Kevin King National Sales Person of the Year Award

4. Kevin King was chosen as a Finalist and then the overall winner of the National Sales Person of the Year Award. Kevin started with DreamMaker halfway into 2014. This award reflects 2015 performance which means he earned this in his first full year with DreamMaker. This award represents both selling skills and design skills, which here at DreamMaker translates into listening to clients needs well, maximizing their budget, designing spaces that they are excited about and ultimately doing all of this efficiently - creating a great experience for homeowners.

The individual awards account for 7 of the 12 awards. The additional hardware comes very much from team efforts. As a franchise, we were recognized for:

(1) finishing 2015 2nd in overall sales - Finalist in the Sales Leader of the Year category,

(2) Finalist in the Franchise of the Year Award,

(3) Finalist for Enhancing Lives, Improving Homes Award (for excellence in customer service), and

(4) Finalist in the Design Award $50,000 plus Bathroom Remodel Design.

(5) Recognized as a Next Level Franchise, committing to another 10 years in the franchise system.

Needless to say it was exciting to bring the awards home to share with the team! We think they are pretty stellar and we think you will agree.

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