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How to Incorporate More Storage into Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Cluttered kitchen cabinet

It seems like no matter how big our kitchen or bathroom (or entire house) is, there’s never enough room for all our stuff. And even if you can carve out room for it, that doesn’t mean everything is easily accessible. Here we share a few tips on how to incorporate more storage into your kitchen and bathroom.

First, it’s worth reviewing all your belongings and getting rid of anything you don’t absolutely need. Old hairspray that never really did the trick? A watered-down cleaning product that you always skip over in favor of the one that actually cleans? Go through every item in your kitchen and bathroom and toss, recycle, or re-purpose anything that’s no longer being used.

Once you’re done, take a look at the remaining items and see what really needs to stay in the kitchen or bathroom and what could be relocated to a better spot. For example, bathrooms get quite humid after showers so it’s better to store spare towels in a linen closet than in your bathroom. Or that punch bowl you only use twice a year? Maybe you could make room for it in the china cabinet in your dining room.

Now you’re ready to decide how to store what’s left. If you don’t have too much stuff, you might be able to make do with a few minor purchases or adjustments. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Stock up on lazy susans and use them everywhere! They’ve long been known to make great use of corner cabinets, but really any cabinet can benefit from the right-sized spinning storage solution.
  • Place a decorative basket on the top of your toilet tank to house spare rolls of toilet paper.
  • Attach a magnetic strip in the kitchen to hold knives and other metal utensils and in the bathroom for tweezers, nail clippers, and bobby pins. You can even affix it to the inside of a cabinet door to keep the items out of sight.
  • Ladder bookshelf
    While you’re attaching items to the insides of your cabinet doors, consider installing different shaped baskets, containers, and shelves – all of which can make efficient use of this normally under-utilized space.
  • Install a cabinet on the wall above the toilet.
  • Get creative with shelving, using all sorts of cannisters, baskets, and other finds to store objects at-the-ready.
  • Install a short tension rod (i.e. a shower curtain rod) in the cabinet under your kitchen or bathroom sink and hang cleaning supplies or other products that have hooks or handles.
  • If you have a wall or nook that can’t be used for much else, install shelves on the wall and place a storage bench beneath them.
  • Install hooks or towel racks on the back of your bathroom door for more hanging space.
  • Make use of the space above your bathroom sink by hanging a mirror with a medicine cabinet behind it or adding a ledge.

If these tricks just don’t cut it, it might be time for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. When remodeling your space, it’s helpful to talk with a designer. A good designer will work with you throughout the remodeling process and will ask questions about how you intend to use the space. You can incorporate more storage solutions into the remodel if you know in advance how much stuff you’re trying to store (so that handy first step above is paying off again).

Sleek storage cabinet

For example, you can build out the following storage solutions:

  • Refrigerator-depth cabinets and a deluxe pantry cabinet, such as in our Sleek with Super Storage Kitchen Remodel.
    Sleek storage kitchen remodel
  • Long, thin drawers under the stove or oven for baking trays.
  • Build storage shelves or cabinets into the 16” unused space between studs in the drywall.
  • Make use of the outward-facing ends of cabinets, such as the side of a row of cabinets or the end of an island, by adding slim shelves with rails, which can hold frying plans, serving plates, or cookbooks.
  • Recessed shelf in a wall
    In your shower, build a recessed shelf in the wall to hold all your bath products.
  • While pedestal sinks look classy and might work in a guest bathroom, you’ll likely want to opt for a vanity with cabinets for more storage options in your other bathrooms.

Whether you’re trying to store a little or a lot, we can help design the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Our team of experienced designers and contractors can turn your room into a beautiful, functional space with plenty of storage. Contact us today to get started or visit our showroom for kitchen and bathroom storage ideas!

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