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How Long Will it Take to Remodel My Kitchen?

How long will it take to remodel your kitchen? Well I suppose that depends on who you ask, or more importantly, who you hire.

According to a recent survey of Houzz users, homeowners reported on average that it took 5 months!!! for the construction part of their kitchen remodel. Oh my goodness! We were pretty surprised by those results and cannot imaging the reluctance for anyone to want to undertake such an event. Here at DreamMaker, most kitchen remodels require construction time of about 5 weeks (longer if more extensive or requires moving/removing of walls). They even clarified the results to state that this is ONLY the construction phase...there are more interesting facts in this report. Click on the image to see the full pdf.

survey results from

At DreamMaker we have always strived to work efficiently through every part of the planning, designing, selecting and remodeling processes. It is smart to take the necessary time to fully uncover each client's dreams and desires for their new kitchen - so planning carefully and taking as much time as necessary makes really good sense. Next, in the designing phase, we believe the designer has a responsibility to guide the design, reveal, tweak, review, tweak, ponder, and then love it process with each client, in an efficient manner. It is important to be thorough, but to keep the pace moving forward so that decisions do get made and products do get ordered so that we do make it to the goal at hand - a remodeled kitchen. Selecting materials is much the same way...a good designer should manage appointments and provide needed information for clients to work through the selection process without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted (because then it isn't any fun --right?).

The next phase of the kitchen remodel is the actual, on-site, getting physical demo time and subsequent renovate time. Honestly, this is where the DreamMaker crew might differ the most from other remodeling firms. Are we perfect yet? No. We do, however, have a report card that shows how we are doing (results cumulative since 2008). Getting high scores on "Schedule" seems to be the most difficult, but no excuses, we just keep working on it.

The graph reflects the percent of surveyed respondents (our clients) who answered a 3 or 4 (on a scale of 0-4 with 4 being "strongly agree") for each particular category. Click on the image to read more and learn more about what I clients have shared with GuildQuality who performs our client satisfaction surveys.

DreamMaker customer survey results

These results are based on 272 client surveys...again, not perfect, but we are pretty proud of these results and are pretty sure we are getting smarter every day. If you like what you see then give us a call to discuss your kitchen remodeling needs.

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