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Expanding Your Living Space

If you were asked for the most common phrase heard on HGTV right now, you might say, “I want a more open concept.” It shouldn’t be so surprising then that here in Springfield, IL, we often hear, “I really want a more open feel”.

Taking down walls and opening up the existing floorplan of a home is quite the trend in home remodeling. Frequently, older homes have kitchens that are very segregated from the rest of the home and no one wants to be alone in the kitchen while others are enjoying time together. Or perhaps, the 80 year old home that you have only has one bathroom, and it is located on the second floor (yes, this is real). At DreamMaker, these are some of the needs and desires that we discuss in the initial design phase, and each home’s potential and each homeowner’s desires are different. If Open Concept Kitchen is desired, there isn’t always a wall that can be moved or removed to accomplish the task. If this is the case, you may need to consider an addition to the home to create that extra space that is needed.

Regardless of whether walls need to come down, beams need to be put in, or additions need to be put on, DreamMaker is equipped to handle these projects as well. Our traditional remodeling roots coupled with experienced carpenters on staff, positions our designers to think big when the right home and the right homeowners come along and want to pull a fixer-upper on their sweet space. Yes, we are bathroom remodelers and kitchen remodelers, but our skill set is packed full of more home improvement options.

Most importantly, for any remodeling project, know your contractor, check for reviews and past work, check them via Better Business Bureau, local Home Builders Association, talk to friends and neighbors, interview them, etc. The bottom line is that remodeling is an investment of time, money, and emotions and taking the time up front can save you time, money, and emotions that you wish you hadn't spent.

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