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4 Common Remodeling Fears

... and the DreamMaker Solutions for these Fears.

Home remodeling invokes a range of emotions and unfortunately, fear is often one of those feelings. If you are an easy-going personality, always going with the flow and have an unlimited budget, then this article may not be relevant to you. Many people, in fact most people, tend to feel a little anxiety when considering a remodeling project in their home. Let’s look at 4 Remodeling Fears and the DreamMaker thoughts/solutions to each.

  1. Will it (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc) look great once it is finished? More specifically, you are probably thinking this is a large investment, we are making changes to my floor plan, I have chosen new materials and finishes that I am unfamiliar with and I REALLY WANT TO LOVE IT!

We think that is totally reasonable – you should love your newly remodeled space! At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we make every effort to make sure the end result is even better than you had imagined. Some of the advice we have for you is to use a qualified designer in the process. This is especially true for kitchen and bathroom design. The nuances of melding functionality and form is an acquired skill, honestly, learned best over time and unfortunately, learned well with mistakes and mishaps. As a company, DreamMaker has been serving the Springfield area since 2006. This equates to close to 1000 projects that we have learned from!

Tools that also help along the way include our Showroom and Design Center which allows hands-on selection of materials, 3D design software for visualization, and past project database of real spaces we have designed and remodeled including before pictures and real project costs.

2. Am I going to spend more than my budgeted amount? Will there be surprises and change orders?

The final cost of your home remodeling project is a very important piece of the equation and that is why we don’t try to dodge the topic when talking with potential clients. At DreamMaker, we often talk about budget at the very first appointment because working through design and material selection without this transparency is only going to lead to disappointment. Throughout the process, we are constantly evaluating if decisions being made will fit the budget goals. You can expect a fixed contract amount, with detailed explanation of the scope of work – including all materials to be installed, layout of flooring, location of electrical switches and outlets and color of paint for walls. This one contract includes design services, materials, labor, electrical, plumbing, etc. With all of this thorough planning, are there surprises? Sometimes there are surprises, but we absolutely limit those with detailed planning. Change orders are absolutely possible but occur for issues that could not be foreseen or for changes to the scope of work (by homeowner) after the project has started.

3. Will the rest of my home be a total mess during the remodeling process?

In all honesty, it is hard to not notice that a remodeling project is going on in your home. There are many safeguards, however, that we can take to minimize the mess and disruptions during the construction time. Usually, sharing realistic expectations is a good start and this is accomplished at the “Walk Through” just prior to the Lead Carpenter starting your project. This includes the Homeowner, Designer, and Lead Carpenter meeting to discuss onsite logistics, start of day, pets, family routines, etc. We physically minimize dust with use of a HEPA air purifier during demolition, floor protection from entry of home to location of area to be remodeled, and sometimes use of a dust curtain which separates the remodeled space from living spaces.

4. Will my project ever be finished?

Alas, probably the biggest fear that homeowners have is that a contractor will start working in their home, get deep into the demo mode, and then disappear for multiple days on end. Even worse is the fear that the contractor won’t return their phone calls and finish all of the loose ends.

The DreamMaker contract with our clients clearly states the date that we plan to start your remodeling project and the total number of days that we project it will take. We won’t say that we are perfect 100% of the time, but we are really very good in this category. Over the past 9 years, our past clients survey results through Guild Quality show that 95% gave us a positive rating on schedule. We would love for you to read the results and their reviews of their experience with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Springfield. Follow this link

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