We invite you to the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Showroom, right here in Springfield, IL.

As a turn-key design and remodel company, we love being able to inspire clients as they embark on investing in their home and starting a renovation project. The multiple vignettes of kitchens, bathrooms, laundry room, living room and office spaces, help people visualize colors, materials, technical concepts and more as these items relate to their newly designed space.

If someone asked if you would like framed or frameless cabinets, would you know the difference if you couldn’t see them in person? And would you like to go all over town collecting samples and then trying to piece them together hoping for a cohesive beautiful result, or would you like to consider your options in one comprehensive space, with one experienced designer guiding the way?

We work hard at making kitchen and bath remodeling as simple as possible. We hope you will stop by and see how the showroom has become such a functional tool in guiding folks along the remodeling journey.  Set up an appointment with us today to start the conversation and learn more!

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