Where to start…. when it comes to starting a remodeling project, knowing where to start is often the hardest part. You may be sure of your desire for change to your existing kitchen or bathroom, but still have some serious questions.

  • How much will my new bathroom cost?
  • What materials are good choices for a kitchen remodel that will last?
  • How do I choose the right contractor?
  • How long will it take to complete the remodeling project?

If you find yourself interested in transforming your living space, then attending one of our seminars is a great first step. Our goal is to help you navigate a successful remodeling project by diving in to how to plan your remodel, what materials are a good fit for your family, realistic budgets and timelines, and so much more. We have answered some frequently asked questions about seminars here. 

Jump to our Events page to sign up for a kitchen or bath seminar. This is no-cost information in a no-stress environment… we hope to see you soon!

At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we are firm believers that all consumers should feel well informed and confident that they understand any remodeling agreement they enter into, whether that be with us or anyone. That is just a moral thread that runs through our DNA. It may sound basic, but we value your trust and work hard to demonstrate that in all conversations and actions. 

So what does that have to do with a “fixed price contract”?  

As a design-build remodeling company, our team manages every step of your renovation project – kitchen or bathroom designs and renderings, scope and feasibility assessment, estimating, material selection, project planning, full onsite installation and project management, and any after construction warranty needs. 

With all phases of your remodeling project managed by one team, you will enjoy:

  1. Fixed Price Contract. With our design team working hand-in-hand with an estimator and production crews, we are able to provide a detailed contract with the full scope of work and with a fixed price. (no surprise expenses and bills)
  2. Time Savings. We manage a tight production calendar resulting in shorter project duration.
  3. One Point of Contact. You will never need to play the middle man or struggle getting someone to answer your call, we are your single source of contact. 

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We live in a world of nearly infinite choices! And when it comes to designing for your new kitchen or bathroom remodel, there are so many options and choices to be made.

So is there a right or wrong place to start with all of these design choices? Curt Trampe, CMKBD, at DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen says “No”. His simple advice is “Relax and have fun!” (and don’t start your decisions with the paint color).

Enjoy this quick video of how one of our designers works through the decisions with homeowners beginning the design process for a kitchen or bath.

Ready to take the next step? We think visiting the DreamMaker Design Center is just a great place to start, and, leaning into the expertise of a kitchen or bath designer. Seriously, may we help you on this journey and  guide you through the remodeling process? 

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Getting started on a home renovation project can be overwhelming – it might involve getting estimates, hiring a contractor or contractors, and educating yourself enough to know what questions to ask and who is knowledgeable in the kitchen and bath remodeling field that you can trust.

Working with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a little different in that we are a design/build company, providing design and remodeling services all with one team, all under one roof.

We invite you to watch this video to understand what to expect when you first reach out to DreamMaker.

We touch on the following:

  • Do you give free estimates? 
  • What will happen when you call DreamMaker?
  • Who will I work with at DreamMaker?
  • Visiting the showroom & meeting with a Designer
  • Site visit at your home
  • Our carpenters and the production process
  • Estimated start date and anticipated completion dates for projects

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Truth be known, we all have a little DIY in us. We like to do things on our own, learn new skills, feel the joy of the victory… but designing your kitchen? This might be the place to draw the line. After all, this isn’t a new recipe where the risk of failure amounts to $15-$100, a couple hours of your time, and maybe a slightly less full stomach for an evening. This is a sizeable investment of money, time and energy in a space that likely means a lot to you and your family.

Experience does make a difference. Ask any kitchen designer how they have learned great “secrets” to the most successful kitchen remodels and then ask them how they have learned the painful “mistakes or misses” in an average kitchen remodel. Experience! Hands on, school of hard knocks learning produces the seasoned kitchen designer, full of wisdom. So while this video mentions five benefits of using a professional kitchen designer when remodeling your kitchen, we could probably list a minimum of 50 more!

Along with these “5 Benefits of Using a Kitchen Designer”, here is a bonus benefit. A good kitchen designer won’t leave you out of the design process, meaning your desires, your style choices, your unique way of using your kitchen will be a part of the overall design! And if your designer seems to be more interested in THEIR own designs – they are a salesperson in disguise. 

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You are excited to remodel your kitchen, you are doing your research, and you have watched as many kitchen renovation programs on cable tv as you can possibly stand … and you are still wondering How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take? (hint: do not look to those cable tv programs for a clear and honest answer to this!)

In our experience, there are 3 aspects to the kitchen remodel timeline:

  1. Designing the kitchen and selecting desired materials, i.e., cabinet style, backsplash, flooring, appliances, sink, faucet, lighting, etc.
  2. Procuring those materials. Sounds easy, but depending on the dynamics of the home building industry at any given time (specifically effects from Covid pandemic), there could be significant delays or changes to original plan that may need to be made. We suggest getting ALL your materials on hand before beginning your project.
  3. Actual physical remodel of your kitchen. If you have hired a reputable company, who plans to start your kitchen remodel and then work on it daily through to completion, this may take 4 weeks to complete your remodel. (Don’t miss the “if’s” above — not all contractors work at the same pace, take scheduling seriously, and have a reputation for speaking honestly about starting dates and completion dates)

So what do DreamMaker stats look like for the above 3 phases of a kitchen remodel?

  • Design & Material Selection, 4-6 weeks
  • Material Acquisition, 4-8 weeks
  • Physical Remodel of Average size kitchen, 4 weeks

*Fun fact… in 2020, we completed just shy of 90% of our projects within the stated completion date set at time of contract!

If you are planning your kitchen remodel, live in Central Illinois, and love the idea of working with a company focused on efficiency and honesty …. give the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Team a call!