For over 15 years, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has hosted free educational seminars to folks in Springfield, IL, and surrounding communities. We love sharing our passion for the home renovation industry and most of all, we love empowering homeowners to take their next steps towards accomplishing a stunning new kitchen or new bathroom!

More than 100 clients have told us that this was very informative and a fantastic first step in researching remodeling options.

Allow us to guide you through important basics of successful remodeling projects – design considerations, realistic budgets and production timelines, how to choose your remodeling team, and more.

Seminar FAQ:

Is Registration Required?

Yes, we do require that you register for the event since seating is limited. The week before each event, all who are registered will be emailed additional details and reminders. Registration form HERE.

What time will the presentation start?

Thursday afternoon presentations begin at 1:00pm and Saturday morning seminars begin at 9:00am. Arriving 10-15 minutes early will allow you time to find a seat, grab refreshments, and browse the Design Center if it is your first time visiting.

Which DreamMaker Team Members will be there?

Usually, the seminar material is presented by Curt Trampe, Owner (and the guy with the most white hair). Curt has worked in the remodeling industry for more than 30 years, owning his own business since 1998. He has earned certifications through both the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB):  Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD), Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) and Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS).

Also, other members from the Design Team will be present and available to dive deeper into your specific project questions. Snap pics on your phone and bring those along to explain your current space.

Will there be time to ask questions?

Absolutely!  We enjoy a casual environment where questions are welcomed during the presentation. Often, attendee questions prompt the best and most informative discussions. Making this relevant to you is our number one goal.

Can I see pictures of actual DreamMaker projects?

You read our minds. Yes, our presentation starts with great educational material and the second half of the presentation focuses on before and after pictures of work that we have completed right here in Sangamon County and nearby counties. This helps us illustrate previous points discussed.

What happens after the seminar?

We promise that this is a no-pressure, no obligation event. We would obviously love to talk more about your remodeling needs if you feel that DreamMaker would be a good fit for your project, your family, and your home. It is easy to set a next appointment for a Designer to visit your home, gather measurements, and conduct further discovery.

Additional questions? We also have a video of Curt explaining What to Expect at a Seminar, or just give us a call at the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Design Center, (217)529-9300, or stop Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. We are located at 3730 W. Wabash Ave., Springfield, IL 62711.

There are some slight variances to the question, but it is common for us to hear at least one of these versions each day…

  • How much do you think it will cost to remodel my bathroom? or
  • How much will it cost to renovate my SMALL bathroom? or
  • What does it typically cost to remodel a MASTER bath?

(Just a quick note, master bathrooms are not always “large” and a “small” bathroom is a relative description)

These are legitimate questions, but a lot like asking… How much does a new car cost? How much does a house cost? Or how much does dinner costs? There are a lot of variables that go into providing a valuable answer.

Here is a look at some of those variables:

    • Type of materials chosen
      We all understand how buying works, in general high quality comes with a higher price tag and lower quality comes with a lower price tag. What most homeowners are not as familiar with is exactly where the bathroom fixtures that they like and gravitate to actual fall on that spectrum.
    • Your existing conditions
      (often behind the wall issues). Rotted floors or walls, existing plumbing issues, or dated electrical will increase the cost to renovate your bath as compared to a 15 year old home in which the current bath fixtures and cabinetry are simply dated in appearance.
    • Size of space
      The square footage of your bathroom does make a difference in the cost, however, probably not as proportionately as you might initially think. For example, a full bathroom will typically have a toilet, a shower, lighting over sink, at least one sink basin, a ventilation fan and flooring. A larger bathroom has more flooring, maybe an additional sink, and a larger vanity, but doubling the square footage does not always mean doubling the price.
    • Scope of work
      Keeping the same footprint and just “pulling and replacing” existing bathroom components is less expensive than reconfiguring the room, removing or moving a wall, etc. The least expensive remodels often fall into the category of a bathroom update, where some pieces of the existing space are not disturbed. Perhaps the ceramic tile floor is neutral in color and in great condition and you choose to keep it, that would be a huge savings.
  • How you plan to approach the remodel
    Labor is a significant part of the cost of remodeling. And simply put, DIY is very inexpensive labor and Design/Build will cost more (dollars) but you will likely incur less stress for sure. Learn more about 4 Ways to Remodel and the pro’s and con’s of each in our video.

Looking for even more detailed information regarding kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas specifically for your home? We invite you to visit our showroom in-person and then talk one on one with one of our experienced designers. They would be happy to help you understand realistically, how much you can expect your bathroom remodel to cost. Set up an appointment with us today to start the conversation and learn more!


To see real remodeling case studies with real bathroom remodeling budgets, enjoy the video below.

 Note: video may refer to pre-pandemic costs.