Home Renovation: Should I Get 3 Estimates?

Getting 3 Estimates isn't a bad idea at all, it just might not be as easy as getting those estimates and truly being able to compare apples to apples. Home remodeling isn't just like buying a product, and it isn't just buying a service. Really it is more like buying an experience.

Here at DreamMaker, we think it might make sense to talk to 3 different contractors to understand more about how they work and what you can expect. Be sure to find out:

  1. If the contractor has done projects like yours in the past?
  2. How long have they been in business?
  3. When you search their company do you find photos and reviews from past clients?
  4. Do they answer the phone?
  5. Do they have a Design Center where you can meet a designer, show up unexpected, browse through displays and samples, and get a cup of coffee?
  6. Do we connect?
  7. Do we click?
  8. Do we like to work together?
  9. Do they respect me?
  10. Do they listen to me?
  11. How do they work?
  12. Do they give me a timeframe of when the work will start and when the work will be completed by?
  13. What's the payment schedule?
  14. Do they have a detailed contract?

And the list goes on and on. We like to tell people that remodeling is a very personal and emotional process, choosing the right contractor is worth the time and effort (and maybe more important than just looking for estimates to compare).

One of our collective goals is to deliver great kitchens and baths in a way that you want us back in your home. We plan to deliver a fantastic experience.

Get to know the team by browsing our site or stop in the Design Center and say "hi".

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