Can I Stay in my Home During a Remodel?

Often DreamMaker clients fall in to one of two different camps -- those who ask "CAN I stay in my home during the remodeling process?" and those who ask "Do I HAVE to stay in my home during the remodeling process?"

Oh my goodness, we as individuals are wired sooooo very differently! The quick answer to the question is, it is totally up to you if you would like to stay at home during the remodeling of your kitchen or bathroom.

The following is a short list of factors that could affect your decision to stay home during your remodel:

  1. Your Past Experience with Remodeling. Hands down, the horror stories of past remodeling experiences gone wrong is a leading fear as homeowners approach inviting a contractor into their home. Although reading reviews, researching and getting to know your contractor, as well as talking with family and friends to evaluate a given companies track record in customer satisfaction are great ways to alleviate fears and ensure success, a really bad experience can leave a scar. If staying home to keep and eye on progress is what works for you, then that is what you should do.
  2. Scope of Work. If you are having renovations done to a single room in your home,, or if your contractor can coordinate a project involving multiple rooms in a way that will allow the cleanliness, organization, privacy and function that you require, then staying home might work well for you. The larger the project the more disruption, no matter how wonderful your contractor is. Kitchens are challenging to live without for any length of time. Evaluate your needs and ask good questions of your remodeling team to ensure you fully understand what to expect and how long to expect it.
  3. Your Alternative Options. Not all folks have other options as far as living arrangements should they want to avoid the dust and noise of a remodeling project. If you do happen to winter in another place, have a vacation planned, or maybe have a close friend or family member you have been missing, there could be some major advantages to being out of your home during part (like demolition days) or all of the kitchen or bath remodel.

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