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Bathroom Remodeling Seminar (4/17/21)

Whether updating a shower only or remodeling the entire bathroom - plan, plan, plan!

We honestly believe that this investment of time - learning, planning, and asking good questions - will reap HUGE rewards in terms of your overall satisfaction with both the results of your remodel and also your enjoyment during the process.

We hope you will Join us in the DreamMaker Design Center for this FREE seminar to learn more about:

  1. Function: Designing for your specific season of life is both smart, safe and economica.
  2. Materials: Discover on trend materials that are practical, beautiful and will perform well.
  3. Budget: Avoid costly mistakes and learn simple ways to save.
  4. Time frame: Dial in your expectations for how long your remodel might take.

We'll share lessons learned from over 1,000 successful (and a few not-so-successful) remodels!

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration is required. Please complete the form and indicate the number of persons attending and if you desire to attend IN PERSON or VIRTUALLY. Your registration will be confirmed via email.

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