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Using a Professional Designer for Your Kitchen or Bath Remodel

white kitchen professional design

Okay, be honest… does the term “professional designer” intimidate you a little? Does it make you think of “expensive” or “high end”? Well let’s dig into these thoughts and see if we can dispel the myth that having a designer equates to not affordable.

We all approach the world and interpret events, words, titles, etc., from our own perspective with our own life experiences shaping the filters of our minds. So for some people, like a recent caller to the DreamMaker Showroom, talking with a “designer” caused her to pause a little. She quickly confessed that she felt like our services might be out of her price range. After all, she had a very small bathroom to which she needed remodeling work done.

Likewise, the homeowner who is looking for kitchen updates may think that choosing countertop, backsplash, lighting, faucet and flooring is a matter of them deciding what they like and then just placing an order (and finding a capable person who owes them a favor and is available to install the items).

At DreamMaker, each client works with a Professional Designer, whether they have a small tub or shower to replace or if they have a dated kitchen/dining room that needs reconfigured to create an open concept and continuity for the main living area of the home. The one on one design work is just part of the process and we think it is a necessary part if you hope to achieve the desired results. The designer’s role is to learn about your personality, your lifestyle, and your priorities when it comes to how you live in your home. You could say the designer becomes your new best friend who happens to be experienced with kitchen and bath renovations and materials. In fact, we don’t charge extra for the design work so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of their expertise? If you have designed, planned and remodeled 5, 10, 50 or 100+ kitchens or baths, then you may not need our designer’s services as much. But if this isn’t what you do for a day job, by all means let us share what we have learned through the years. We are sure we can save you some heartaches!

If you are planning a kitchen or bath remodel then first of all, please embrace the benefit of having a Professional Designer on your team, you deserve it. Secondly, take advantage of seminars that we offer here at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. It’s free information that we have learned over the years that we would love to pass along to help ease fears, empower you to make great decisions, and excite you about what is new in the world of kitchen and bathroom remodeling.Learn more about upcoming classes.

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