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True Confession of Our “Do-It-Yourself” Experience

If you have been to the DreamMaker Design Center, you know that we enjoy a nice atmosphere. We are deliberate in design and want your visit here to be both enjoyable and informative. So after a year and half in this new location on Wabash Avenue, we moved to the outside of the building to dress up the landscaping. We chose the “do-it-yourself” option as we rationalized that 1.) we have a decent amount of experience and knowledge of plants, 2.) we have the muscle needed and 3.) it probably wouldn’t take too much time.

We bought nice plants, put in the hours after work and on weekends (forfeited hours after work and over the weekends… feel the pain here). And the results of our efforts were okay, just okay.

Fast forward to this spring when plants are starting to turn green and probably 80% of our fall efforts looked healthy. Some grasses didn’t fare as well as they should have and several bushes didn’t flower as we expected. Construction on Wabash didn’t help much, but wasn’t the only problem. We just didn’t see the finished, tidy, purposeful results that we had wanted.

Next step was to call Rob Salefski at Landscaping Unlimited and have him come by to help us figure out how to “clean things up” a bit. We walked around, discussed what was important to us and how much maintenance we were willing to contribute over the seasons, and within a week he showed us a plan and the cost for his crew to implement that plan. And this is when it hit us…

Our true confession… we applied do-it-yourself tactics to landscaping, an industry that we have average knowledge about, and expected to get above average results. If this sounds familiar to you, you have probably experienced the same blah result at the end of a ridiculous amount of work.

So how did the landscaping turn out? Here are some pictures to share the progress. Turns out using a level is a good idea and many skilled hands make the work look easy.

We all have choices to make and resources (time, energy, $$$, etc.) to prioritize so we just encourage you to think it through and make sure your approach to your next task will lead you to the level of satisfaction you were looking for. Lesson learned here… we can’t get those hours back from last summer!

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