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Kitchen Design Trends

So what is the trend? What is the fashion? What is in style, vogue, the craze or all the rage? Well, I'm not sure if Central Illinois falls in and out of trends quite as often or as deeply as other parts of the United States. I think that is probably a good thing...especially when investing in a kitchen remodel. We don't see people remodeling a kitchen every 5 years, or rarely every 10 years (although updates is another story). We like to think of Springfield as a nice place that avoids the very highs and the very lows of economic shifts as well as avoiding the extreme style trends in kitchen design and materials. To prove my point, we have never installed watermelon or lime green cabinets although both were hot decorating colors at one time.

All of that aside, we do see changes in style and we definitely have new finishes and materials that become available each year. In a nutshell, the following are 4 kitchen design trends that we can say are real and happening in our area right now in 2015. (photos just happen to be from displays in our showroom)

Furniture Style Cabinetry Pieces incorporated into the overall design.

Be it a bathroom or a kitchen, we are seeing more people expressing their own style with furniture style touches to their spaces. In the bathroom, a vanity cabinet sitting on legs gives a more open feel and can really dress things up a bit. In a kitchen, base trim accents can help bring focus to a particular area. Also, an island can be made to look less like a standard rectangular block of cabinets with a top on it and more like a piece of furniture carefully selected for the space.

furniture style features

furniture style base trim

Open Shelving on the walls.

Although most homeowners are not brave enough to eliminate all of their upper cabinets, incorporating some open shelving is becoming more popular. This may be in only a portion of the kitchen, but certainly adds personal style, gives quick access to frequently used items, and creates a warm and casual feel. I don't think I would mind a bit if a guest felt empowered to set the table as I put the final touches on dinner!

5.20.15 post IMG_3165

5.20.15 post IMG_2164 adj

Distressed Finishes on surfaces where possible.

This could be the cabinets, the floors, the walls, anywhere that it would help to add some texture (good to mention here, carefully choosing a place or two rather than all surfaces so you don't create a cabin for Grizzly Adams). So distressed woods add character, warmth, sometimes a "story" if reclaimed, and always a bit of forgiveness. Have a busy kitchen? Those bangs and bumps on the cabinets won't show up a bit.

distressed cabinet door

distressed black cabinet door

Black is Back.

It really is the new neutral and we are seeing that it is becoming more popular, perhaps as a result of the love of grays today.

black cabinet bead board black cabinet drawer stack

Need more inspiration or a designer to help pull it all together? We do it every day...just call or stop by the design center for a conversation with an experienced designer. Find us now at 3730 Wabash Avenue (or 217.529.9300).

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