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Fall Seminars Scheduled - Sign Up Today

We are one week away from September which means Fall is just around the corner (and the holidays also!). We typically schedule several classes for this season and this year we have squeezed four of them in. If you have been on the fence about remodeling and just need to understand a little more before you feel comfortable moving forward then continue reading and let us know how we can help you.remodeling class pic

Saturday, September 10th, from 9am-11am – KITCHEN DESIGN & REMODELING Class. This class is taught by Curt Trampe, Certified Kitchen Designer. Are you considering making changes to your kitchen to bring it up to date? Many people have the desire to move forward on their remodeling project but honestly don't know the best way to get started. Do I need to hire a contractor? Will my contractor help with the design? How do I know that I am thinking of everything when I start making decisions? Can I move my sink out of the corner? How much will this for everything, including the plumber and electrician? You see, remodeling a kitchen is more than just picking cabinets, countertops, a sink and a faucet. There are a lot of details, and decisions, and considerations. This class will equip you with many answers and a strategy for moving forward. Registration is here.

Saturday, October 1st, from 9am-11am – KITCHEN DESIGN & REMODELING Class. This is the same class as above just another date option to choose from. Click here to register.

Saturday, October 15th, from 9am-11am - BATHROOM DESIGN & REMODELING Class. Also held here at DreamMaker, this seminar is a great starting place for the homeowner planning to remodel a bathroom but not sure where to start, what needs to be considered, or what is a realistic budget. Bathrooms are smaller than most kitchens, but still require attention to detail to yield the best results. Besides, the remodeling industry throws around terms and phrases that not all people are familiar with. We’ll introduce you to our world and prepare you to move into your remodeling project with confidence and great questions for your designer/contractor. Registration is required…click here.

Saturday, November 5th, from 9am-11am – BATHROOM DESIGN & REMODELING Class. Yep, same class as above just another option for those with busy calendars. Register here.

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