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Taking Shape - An Accessible Bathroom Addition - Part 3

Yes, it is taking shape. Sometimes in remodeling...well, pretty much with every project in remodeling...there are days where it is hard to see the progress because it is hidden. Other days, you can walk into a space and see huge changes. Right now, with our featured project - The Accessible Bathroom Addition -we are somewhere in between. The framing for interior walls has been done, drywall is up and finished, window and doors are hung and custom trim to match all other existing trim in the house is up. Luxury vinyl tile is down on the floor. The shower base has been set. It looks good for sure, but the pretty stuff is just around the corner.

The schedule says that the first coat of paint goes today and shower is in the works as well. As I visited the jobsite today, we encouraged the homeowner to "drive on in" for the first time and that was just pretty cool. Can't wait for her to get to enjoy this new space.

Video #2 is ready....and I just saw a pic of progress today and I will just say that the next video will be the fun one for sure. Till then... click on the image below.

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