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Adding on an Accessible Bathroom (Intro-Part 1)

Welcome to our featured project this Spring - An Accessible Bathroom Home Addition (here in Springfield, IL).

Many clients come to us to update an old bathroom, to make it fit their own personal tastes or to take it to a new level with upgraded materials, bath to shower modifications, etc. For this client however, an all new bathroom was desired. Her and her husband had talked about adding the additional bathroom onto the house about five years ago. He has since passed and she is now determined to make the improvements to the home to simplify her daily routines a bit. You see, the rest of the story is that she utilizes a motorized scooter or crutches to get around and as you can just imagine, bathing in a typical hall bathroom, roughly 5'x9' would be challenging to maneuver. We are pretty excited to get going on this game changing bathroom addition.

The new addition will connect to the master bedroom with the new bathroom entry going where an existing exterior window is now. The bathroom is designed to fit her needs specifically and will include:

  • low threshold shower measuring 36" x 56", bench seat at one end, shower curtain for full access and shampoo caddy at accessible height from bench
  • shower head as well as a hand held with diverter for choice of bathing options
  • "driving" and "parking" space next to toilet & shower for easier transfer and functionality
  • luxury vinyl tile on floor
  • new vanity cabinetry with roll under option, drawer stacks on the sides
  • upgraded lighting
  • closet organization
  • exterior will match existing with three sides of brick veneer with weeping mortar

As some exterior work is underway and we wait for footings to set, interior work starts next week. These before pics will be the teaser to get you up to speed... just click each to enlarge.

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